Angela Liu

PhD Candidate

Curriculum vitae

Department of Health Policy and Management

Johns Hopkins University

Select Publications

* indicates co-first authorship

Incorporating Added Therapeutic Benefit into Medicare Payment for Expensive Part B Drugs

Kelly Anderson, Michael DiStefano, Angela Liu, Joseph Mattingly, Mariana Socal, Gerard Anderson

Value in Health, 2023

Patterns of Manufacturer Coupon Use for Prescription Drugs in the US, 2017-2019

So Yeon Kang, Angela Liu, Gerard Anderson, Caleb Alexander

JAMA Network Open, vol. 6(5), 2023

Estimating Health Care Deliver System Value for each US State and Testing Key Associations

Joseph Dieleman, Alex Kaldjian, Maitreyi Sahu, Carina Chen, Angela Liu, Abigail Chapin, Kirstin Woody Scott, Aleksandr Arvakin, Zheng Peng, Mokdad Ali, Murray Christopher, Schulman Kevin, Milstein Arnold

Health Services Research, vol. 57(3), 2022, pp. 557-567

Estimating Spending on Emergency Medical Care in the United States by Payer and Health Condition, 2006-2016

Kirstin Woody Scott*, Angela Liu*, Alex Kaldjian, Carina Chen, Abigail Chapin, Amber Sabbatini, Herbert Duber, Joseph Dieleman

PLoS One, vol. 16(10), 2021

US Health Care Spending by Payer and Health Condition, 1996-2016

Joseph L Dieleman, Jackie Cao, Abby Chapin, Carina Chen, Zhiyin Li, Angela Liu, Cody Horst, Alexander Kaldjian, Taylor Matyasz, Kirstin Woody Scott, Anthony L Bui, Madeline Campbell, Herbert C Duber, Abe C Dunn, Abraham D Flaxman, Christina Fitzmaurice, Mohsen Naghavi, Nafis Sadat, Peter Shieh, Ellen Squires, Kai Yeung, Christopher J L Murray

JAMA, vol. 323(9), 2020


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